HOUSE SPEAKER PAUL RYAN: It Would be ‘Ridiculous’ to Work with Obama on Immigration

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.47.50 AMSounds like Paul is ready for a fight.

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said on Sunday it would be ridiculous to work with President Barack Obama on immigration reform, saying he cannot trust the president on the issue.

“I think it would be a ridiculous notion to try and work on an issue like this with a president we simply cannot trust on this issue,” Ryan said in an interview aired on the CBS program “Face the Nation.”

“He tried to go it alone, circumventing the legislative process with his executive orders so that is not in the cards. I think if we reach consensus on how best to achieve border and interior enforcement security, I think that’s fine,” Ryan added.

On the first weekend since taking the reins from retiring Representative John Boehner of Ohio, the Wisconsin Republican vowed on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” to offer Americans a bold, specific and clear agenda, producing Republican solutions on the economy, health care and foreign policy.

Ryan inherits a Republican conference that’s divided over whether to cooperate with Obama and Democrats in Congress to forge agreements — such as the two-year budget deal passed Oct. 28 by the House — or instead use their power over the nation’s purse to try to force policy concessions from the president.

“We do not like the direction that the president is taking the country,” Ryan said in a transcript provided by the network. “That means we have to be a proposition party. We have to be the alternative party.”

Ryan, 45, who is scheduled to appear on five different talk shows on Sunday, promised to do more to hold open discussions about emerging legislation, a key demand of the conservative Freedom Caucus. Ryan said he wanted to have the House “working like it was intended to work.”

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