HOWARD STERN: Imagine if the Jews had AR-15s [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.46.58 AMVery valid point, Howard. This will get liberals’ head spinning with rage… and that’s why we love it.

The King of All Media once again put his pro-gun bias on display Wednesday, saying in essence that disarming America only creates more defenseless people thus making it easier for terrorists to commit their evil deeds.

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down, but I can’t believe these people who come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public,” said Howard Stern, on his Sirius XM show, “It’s [expletive] mind-blowing to me.”

Stern said that most Americans are like sheep, incapable of defending themselves from the predatory wolves.

“We basically think everything’s OK,” he explained. “Except the wolves — the bad guys, ISIS, or terrorists, homegrown or otherwise — they’re wolves.

“Now what if I went up to the sheep and I said, ‘You wanna have a shot at the wolves?’” Stern continued. “I’m going to give you a pistol. You can actually even the playing field with these wolves whose fangs are out — you can shoot them.’ There’s not a sheepdog for every citizen.

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