HUMA IS THE VICTIM: Clinton Camp Targets Weiner, Makes Abedin Look Helpless–Are You Buying It?

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-11-21-25-amShe lied. End of story. How did those emails end up on his computer? If Huma is the victim, that still doesn’t explain how the emails ended up there. Is Hillary trying to tell us she was emailing Weiner? If that’s the case, she just sparked hundreds of more questions that we’re sure she’ll never answer.

Members of Hillary Clinton‘s inner circle are venting about how disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner helped bring about a situation where his estranged wife is now off the campaign trail and and the candidate’s email continues to be front and center in the campaign.

‘This is not about Huma’s e-mails,’ one campaign surrogate told Vanity Fair. ‘It’s about the e-mails generally. There’s a lot of things that got us to this point. But if Weiner hadn’t taken pictures of his weiner, we wouldn’t be in this thing.’

Abedin remains off the campaign trail with less than a week to go before the election. When she didn’t join her boss on a campaign swing to Florida, all a senior advisor wold say is that ‘she’s in Brooklyn.’

Abedin has been one of Clinton’s closest confidantes for years, but even a ‘top advisor’ is acknowledging her lack of judgement.

‘Don’t trust anyone who tells you they know what’s going on in Huma’s head or about her relationship to the campaign. I have no doubt she is very much pivotal to Hillary and pivotal to the campaign,’ the advisor said.

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