‘I CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT’: Father of OSU Crash Suspect Speaks Out

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 5.01.17 PMInteresting to see what further developments will come from this story. Was this a terror attack or pure reckless behavior from the suspect?

The father of the 25-year-old Stillwater woman accused of plowing her car into a homecoming parade crowd Saturday morning in Stillwater told The Oklahoman by telephone that he first found out about the accident through social media.

“Everyone across the country is talking about it,” said an emotional Floyd Chambers, 47, of Oologah, who said he couldn’t believe that his daughter could have done something like this.

“I can’t figure this out. This is not the person that’s my daughter … I can’t imagine alcohol being involved. She is not an alcoholic that I’m aware of,” he said.

“This is just not who she is. They’re going to paint her into a horrible person but this is not (her).”

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