IN THE HOT SEAT: When Donald Trump is Quoted on Women… It Doesn’t Sound Good [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.51.42 AMThis is no bueno for the Trump campaign. Check it.

A super PAC, funded by the owners of the Chicago Cubs, has rolled out an attack ad on Donald Trump featuring some of the most misogynist things the billionaire has said over the past 25 years.

The Our Principles PAC issued the minute-long clip on Monday, in which women read out sexist and derogatory comments Trump has made about women, including Princess Diana, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, comedian Rosie O’Donnell, his wife Melania, and former Republican rival Carly Fiorina.

The group received a $3million donation from Marlene Ricketts, whose family owns the Cubs, according to the New York Times. Her husband Joe Ricketts is the billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade.

The ad begins with the words ‘bimbo’, ‘dog’ and ‘fat pig’ – insults that Trump has hurled at Kelly, New York Times columnist Gail Collins and O’Donnell respectively.

Each quote is backed up by the name of several media outlets who reported Trump’s quotes, along with the date of publication.

The clip also features numerous derogatory comments the GOP frontrunner has made towards women’s physical appearances.

For instance, once when speaking about O’Donnell, he said: ‘I’d look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.’

Trump used a similar line against Fiorina when she was running against him for the GOP nomination. He said: ‘Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?’

And even Princess Diana was not immune to Trump’s vitriol. He once remarked: ‘She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin. She was crazy, but these are minor details.’

In 2005, he revealed he wanted more children with his wife Melania, but clarified that he intended to make no effort towards raising them – other than provide the ‘funds’.

‘I like kids,’ he said. ‘I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids.’

The video also references an infamous comment he made about Kelly after she grilled him for his misogyny during a Republican debate in August last year.

‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,’ Trump said in a CNN interview.

Another quote comes from a 2013 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, in which he told contestant Brande Roderick: ‘That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.’

In a 1991 interview with Esquire, Trump said: ‘You know, it really doesn’t matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.’

At the end of the video, the women say: ‘This is how Donald Trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. If you believe America deserves better, vote against Donald Trump.’

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