INCREDIBLE: Dog Saves Diabetic Child’s Life

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.11.51 AMWho knew one day dogs could be used to detect low-blood sugar or a seizure. This story of Luke and Jedi is powerful and amazing.

A dog is being credited with sniffing out a dangerous drop in the blood-sugar level of a seven-year-old Los Angeles boy while he slept, alerting his mother and ultimately saving his life.

The child’s mother, Dorrie Nuttal, described how her son’s diabetes dog, Jedi, sat on her to wake her up. When she checked her son’s blood-sugar monitors, the levels appeared steady. But the dog would not move from the boy’s side and, when his mother finally checked the boy’s blood sugar with a finger prick test, it was dangerously low.

“This may just look like a dog, a sleeping boy and a number on a screen, but this, this moment right here is so much more. This is a picture of Jedi saving his boy. Saving him from highs and lows and from ever feeling alone,” said Dorrie.

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