INCREDIBLE FOOTAGE: The Dramatic Moment this Infant was Rescued from a Deadly Car Crash [WATCH]

This video shows what our rescue teams and police officers do on a daily basis. Saving lives and never giving up. Simply amazing.

SPANISH FORK, UT (CNN) – Dramatic body camera footage from an officer shows just how miraculous the rescue of a Utah baby trapped for hours in the car crash really was.

As one of the first Spanish Fork officers responded to the call of a car in the river, the officer ran down into the water without hesitation. He joined other first responders – a fisherman had called police to report the car was in the river, calling back 90 seconds later when he could see someone was trapped inside.

“What do you got, what do you got?” The officer said.

Three police officers, two firefighters and the fisherman all jumped into action-trying to flip the car over.

They saw the driver Jenny Groesbeck was fatally injured in the crash, but the situation took on an even greater sense of urgency.

“Anybody hear us, hello-oh god there’s a baby in the back – bleep, there’s a baby in the back, Ryan get up here pull her out, please, I’ve got this door,” an officer said.

Moments later a firefighter pulled what seems to be a small, lifeless body, out of the car.

The officer and an EMT carried Lily up the rocks and ran to a waiting ambulance, which immediately sped away.

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