INCREDIBLE: Wounded Elephant Seeks Help from Humans After POACHERS did This to Him

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.56.33 AMSurprised to see a wounded animal act in this way. Thankfully vets were able to get to him before the poachers did. Good job guys!

An injured elephant appears to be seeking out humans for help after it was shot by a poacher in an act which surprised Nick Milne and his guests in Zimbabwe, according to photographs.

Ben, a bull elephant, approached the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and the manager quickly noticed that it had a limp and appeared to be severely injured. In photographs, the elephant is looking inside and it appears that he is indeed seeking assistance.

Unfortunately there was no in-house veterinarian at the lodge because the vet had gone for the weekend.

But one kind vet offered to fly 200 miles from Harare to provide medical assistance to the elephant and arrived within six hours. In that time, Ben apparently waited patiently, supping on water and grazing, MailOnline reported.

The elephant, believed to be 30 years old, was then tranquillised and soon it was discovered that Ben had been shot because of a deep wound in his shoulder.

It is believed to have been a result of a poacher’s shot – and it turned out Ben, named after the individual who treated him first, was in fact shot twice after two bullet holes were found in his ear.

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