Infant Dies After Contracting Deadly Virus from Someone With Herpes Who Kissed Her

If you think humans can be filthy, disease carrying creatures, you’re right.

Unfortunately one Iowa couple didn’t seem to take as much caution as they should have with the health of their 18-day-old baby girl, and she has succumbed to a herpes infection contracted through a kiss.

For Shane and Nicole Sifrit, this month was supposed to be brimming with joy, marked by the birth of baby Mariana, followed by their wedding celebration just days later.

But on July 7, two hours after the new parents exchanged their vows, their six-day-old infant was rushed to the hospital, having contracted a life-threatening herpes infection through a kiss.

On Monday, Nicole Sifrit said her baby’s doctors at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines were running out of options to save her life, and just after 8.40am on Tuesday, Mariana lost her fight against the virus and passed away in her father’s arms.

Daily Mail

‘She is now no longer suffering and is with the Lord,’ Nicole wrote in a Facebook post. ‘In her 18 days of life she made a huge impact on the world and we hope with Mariana’s Story we save numerous newborns life. R.I.P. sweet angel’

Next time anyone accuses you of being over protective of your baby or a germaphobe, forward them this.

Don’t live your life in fear of disease, just be smart about avoiding a tragedy like the Sifrit family just endured.

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