INSANE: Cops Kill Puppy that was Walking Away From Them [VIDEO]


This is sickening.

Regular readers of this site know that I’m pretty fair when it comes to my viewpoints on police.  Sure, I will lambaste a crooked cop who bullies the innocent and hides behind his shield when violating the civil rights of the innocent but I will also defend the officers who get railroaded based on some trumped up race card because the 280 pound attacker trying to beat him to death happened to be a different color than him.

But sometimes a situation occurs that makes me despise the entire profession because not only does some rogue crooked cop do something reprehensible but it is followed by an organizational stone wall for justice as the officer’s higher ups circle the wagons around him.

In Racine, Wisconsin such an event took place.

Police were called in after a puppy had defecated on a neighbors yard.  The owner of the dog, Kurt Hanson, and the neighbor exchanged heated words with Hanson allegedly making threats.  The police came in and a two hour standoff resulted.

During that standoff Hanson started making wild threats like shooting the officers with armor piercing crossbow bolts and sending this dog to attack them.

Let me just say that Hanson sounds like a nut job, but that his puppy did not deserve what follows in this video.

That puppy weighed all of five pounds soaking wet and it was walking away from you and you tough guys had to put two rounds into it.  You “heroes” were cowering behind your armored vehicle and felt like putting down the puppy…real battle hardened badasses you are now.

You’re sick sick bastards and deserve to lose your badges and your livelihood if not your freedom.

Had this been ANYONE else who just murdered an innocent puppy walking away from them, at the very least they would be locked away in a psych ward to deal with their mental issues; as animal cruelty is a clinical marker for psychopathic personality disorder.

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