Liberal DEFICATES in Toilet Then Did THIS to American Flag… Will Have You FURIOUS!

Living in Austin, Texas, you’re bound to run into a few Liberals.

They seem to stream out of the University of Texas for some odd reason…

Not far from this liberal ‘easy-bake oven’ is Ladybird Lake, where many people jog, bike and enjoy the outdoors.

While on this trail, it was noticed that one of the public bathrooms seemed to be out of order.

Why was even more shocking!

When entering the stall you initially are hit with a foul odor and a graffiti message stating ‘DOWN WITH THE CORPORATE DEATH MACHINE’.

screen-shot-2017-04-09-at-12-20-57-pmNow, you know no conservative would EVER graffiti that kind of message on a wall. What solidified that it was a liberal who had done this was even more disturbing.

After noticing the bold statement written on the wall your glance drops down… the toilet is clogged with feces and toilet paper; meanwhile red paint is splattered on the ground.





Not exactly sure what kind of symbolism was supposed to occur there, but we will let you figure that out on your own.

What was really disturbing was when you turned around.

There in the corner of the bathroom was a waste bin.

Draping over the edge of the bin and inside it was an American flag. On the flag was more red paint splatters.


It is uncertain that this was how the scene originally looked, however what is certain is that this offends everything America was built on.

Corporations, aka the American people, have financially supported our economy for centuries.

The American flag, a symbol of our freedom, has been protected by men and women of this great nation through self-sacrifice.

Whatever moronic snowflake that pulled this stunt needs to get an education on just how GREAT our nation really is.

If they still don’t appreciate the USA by then, they should live in another country… better yet! We will deport them.

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