INSANE: Man Dressed as ISIS Fighter Crosses Germany’s Border and This Happens [VIDEO]

isisThis…this is insanity! There is something as too lenient, Germany. My gosh, take some control of your country! Do you think no one did anything because they thought it was a prank? We can’t find any other explanation for why they wouldn’t drop this guy in a heart beat.

The man, dressed as an fighter with a fake gun and the terror network’s flag, claims in a video to have crossed the border several times.

In his several alleged crossings back and forth between the two countries, not once is he stopped or questioned by any authorities.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, has not been verified and it is not clear where exactly it was filmed. It comes almost a week after Isis claimed responsibility for the , which claimed 12 lives and injured many more, on Monday.

Alongside the video, the uploader writes: “A Danish citizen dressed up in Islamic State gear, flag and fake gun to show how pathetic the border is between and Denmark.

“We test border controls. Can an Isis terrorist cross the border unnoticed?

“Border controls were non-existent. Do you feel comfortable with our open borders?”

In the January of this year, Denmark imposed controls on its southern frontier with Germany in a move designed to stem the flow of migrants entering the country.

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