IRAN HAS TO PAY UP: Supreme Court Rules Frozen Money to be Paid to U.S. Terror Victims

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.41.17 AMThey are talking about a big pay day too. Check out how much if Iranian money is going to the families.

The Supreme Court handed Iran’s central bank a loss on Wednesday, saying Congress acted constitutionally when it passed a law saying nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian funds should be turned over to Americans who U.S. courts had found were victims of Iranian terrorist attacks.

The issue here was not whether Iran should pay, instead it was whether Congress had infringed upon the territory of the judiciary by essentially awarding damages.

Here’s how NPR’s Nina Totenberg explained the case back when it was argued in January:

“In 2012, President Obama froze nearly $2 billion the Iranian central bank had concealed illegally in an account in New York. Congress then amended an existing anti-terrorism law to strengthen it. The new law specified those funds were to be used to pay off the court judgments that found Iran responsible for 19 separate terrorist attacks against Americans around the world.”

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