Is It Just Me Or Do Kendall & Kylie Seem VERY Uncomfortable With Bruce Now?

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Talking about the Kardashian/Jenner clan is the last thing any intelligent person wants to discuss in a column. It’s like watching paint dry, only more brain cells might die if you discuss the aforementioned family ‘reality stars’.

However, one thing cannot be ignored and that is Caitlyn Jenner; formerly known as Bruce and father to Kendall and Kylie.

Yes, his/her transition to being a ‘female’ is old news, but there is one thing that will never be old news to his youngest offspring and that is they’ve lost the leading man in their lives.

These two girls who were used to hanging with dad, riding horses and racing ATVs, are now forced to talk shopping and make-up with their new ‘mother’.

Talk about a tough pill to swallow.

Recently Kendall was on the E! channel discussing how she doesn’t like doing the new girly stuff with Caitlyn and prefers the old Bruce.

Can you blame her?

She already has one mother to do that with, but every girl needs a strong father to be there for her.

Bruce was that for a long time. He was the man’s man when it came to sports. An Olympic champion and one of the most well known, for that fact.

He taught his girls how to ride bikes, play ball and go hiking. Anything a regular dad would do.

And that was good. It was normal. Then one day, Bruce decided to take estrogen pills, implant some boobs and is thinking about cutting his wee-wee off.

Kendall says it’s like she is mourning the loss of her father; which couldn’t be more well put.

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In a way, the welcoming of Caitlyn Jenner in society as ‘normal’ is the death of masculinity itself.

We no longer are supposed to cheer on and support the ‘manly-men’ in life, but praise the estrogen-filled dandies and go on as if everything is okay.

Clearly by seeing Kendall’s reaction, life accepting a transgender parent is not easy, will never be easy and certainly is not normal.

Guys, here is a tip. Act like men. Women; act like ladies. It’s worked for centuries.

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