ISIS D-BAGS HIT MORE LOWS: Iraqi Children are Now Being Sold as Slaves by ISIS

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This is a minor atrocity compared to their terrorism that has swept across most Middle Eastern countries. Even so, it’s still a reminder how they have no regard for human life.

ISIS is subjecting Iraqi children to a series of horrors, including putting price tags on them and selling them as slaves, the United Nations said.

In a report released this week, the world body accused ISIS of increasingly using children in its bloody campaign of terror.

It said the terror group’s list of brutality is growing longer, and includes enslaving, raping, beheading, crucifying and burying people alive.

“We have had reports of children, especially children that are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding what has happened or what they have to expect,” said Renate Winter, expert on the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Some as young as age 8 are getting training to become soldiers, she said.

“Children of minorities have been captured in places where the so-called ISIL has its strength, have been sold in market with taps, price tags on them, have been sold as slaves,” Winter said.

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