‘Down With ISIS’: Kurdish Activists Show Londoners The Brutality Of ISIS [VIDEO]

Kurdish activists take to the streets of London. They’re demonstration? How ISIS treats their female captives. It is quite the wake up call.

In London, people walking the streets witnessed an emotionally gripping performance that is sure to leave an impression on their mind about ISIS brutality.

The scene, which was played out by Kurdish activists, is one that takes place everyday with the selling of sex slaves within the Islamic State.

IJReview had the opportunity to speak to Karam Kruda (the man with the megaphone in the video) and here’s why he did it:

“I’d just like to say that the idea behind the event was initially from my friend Ari Murad- the videographer. We wanted to shock people into awareness by bringing onto the streets of London what happens in the Islamic State daily.

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