ISIS TELLS AMERICA TO ‘BRING IT ON’: As They Vow to Bring the Fire [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.26.17 AMOnly thing ISIS isn’t understanding is that the American people are well armed and we will not comply with their terrorist ideals or beliefs.

Barack Obama recently dismissed ISIS as ‘a bunch of killers with good social media’ – and appears to have prompted a sickening response from the terror group which mocks US soldiers’ suicide rates.

A new video released by the Islamists also claims the Prophet predicted ‘Islam’s enemies’ would be destroyed by ‘the flames of war’ when the number of banners opposed to them – a reference to the international coalition – reached 80.

Currently, 60 nations officially oppose ISIS.

The video taunts America, urging the nation to ‘bring it on’ before adding ‘your numbers only increase us in faith’.

In a desperate effort to worry the world’s sole superpower, the video points out that 6,500 US soldiers commit suicide every year and claims that its territory is bigger than the UK.

The Hollywood-style voiceover goes on to say that ISIS is ‘counting your banners’, a reference to the flags of the nations ranged against it in the international coalition it calls a ‘coalition of devils’.

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