ISLAMIC COUNCIL: Give Your Wife a ‘LIGHT BEATING’ if She Refuses Sex or to Take a Shower

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.10.12 AMDoubt the feminists of America can agree with this, but somehow they’re still sympathetic to their causes.

The Council of Islamic Ideology has proposed allowing a man to ‘lightly beat’ his wife if she does not ‘dress as he desires’, refuses to have sex, or fails to take a bath after her period.

The 20-member council is a constitutional body of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but can only advise the government rather than make laws.

Its latest proposals come as part of its own women protection bill, after it rejected Punjab province’s controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act, branding it un-Islamic. 

It suggests that women can be beaten if they refuse to have sex without a religious excuse or fail to bathe after intercourse and periods.

Women should also be beaten for not wearing hijabs, or for speaking so loudly that strangers can hear them, it recommends.

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