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Once again the question arises: which side are the Turks on? The Erdogan regime has never been much interested in moving against the Islamic State, and continues to fight against the Kurds, who are standing against the Islamic State. It is likely that Erdogan hopes that the Islamic State will eliminate the Kurds, and then he can reap the benefits of their labors and co-opt the upstart caliphate.

“Militants stage rare attack in Kurdish-held territory in Iraq,” Reuters, November 3, 2015:

KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) – Islamist militants launched a rare attack inside Kurdish-held territory in northern Iraq on Tuesday, briefly taking over a local government compound near several producing oil fields.

The Kurds have largely managed to insulate their autonomous region from violent instability further south whilst holding a long front line against Islamic State militants who control a large part of Iraq.

Security sources said a suicide bomber had blown himself up at a checkpoint, clearing the way for three other militants to enter the compound in the town of Dibis 50 km (30 miles) south of the regional capital Erbil.

The three insurgents then occupied the mayor of Dibis’s office, throwing grenades and firing at Kurdish security forces surrounding the compound, security sources said.

Kurdish forces regained control after one of the militants was shot dead and the other two blew themselves up, security sources said. At least four members of the Kurdish security forces were also killed.

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