ISLAMIC STATE D-BAGS: ISIS Claims to Have Blown Up 4th Century Iraqi Christian Monastery

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Seriously, one call and this whole organization could be wiped out.

Islamic State militants say they have destroyed an ancient Mar Behnam Monastery in northern Iraq. The monastery dates back to the 4th century and reportedly has one of the most valuable Syriac libraries in existence.

The images, displaying the destruction of a monastery tomb complex in Nineveh Province, were released on the internet on Thursday. It’s not yet clear when the site was destroyed.

The photos also allegedly depict the bombing of a number of Shiite mosques and shrines in the district of Hamdania, northern Iraq, reports ARA News, citing local residents.

“I didn’t want to see the pictures. This is terrible. I’m in shock,” said al-Jeloo who previously visited the site in 2010. He added, “It was one of the most richly carved monastery complexes in northern Mesopotamia up until today.”

“IS is destroying the rich cultural fabric of the area, the multilayered, multilingual, multi-ethnic aspects of society. It’s not just our heritage; it’s the heritage of the world. It is part of our history, and now it’s gone.”

Christians and the other minorities in Iraq are in great danger, believes Ignatius Joseph III Yonan, patriarch of Antioch.

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