It Is Now RACIST to Expect This Common Courtesy

Just when you think this can’t get any crazier, the Left comes up with something new out of the blue.

According to diversity training materials being distributed at publicly-funded Clemson University, expecting people from other cultures to show up on time is racist.

Oh, this ought to be good.

Okay, Left, explain this one to us.

The university spent nearly $27,000 on diversity training materials from a company called Workplace Answers.

We can tell you right now, this company DOES NOT have workplace answers. But let’s see what the university gained from their extravagant investment.

The materials were graciously intended for employees of the school in order to indoctrinate them.

Sorry, we meant to learn from them.

Some of the online material depicted two groups, which included foreign professors and students, showing up to a scheduled event at 9 am.

One group came 15 minutes early and the other came 10 minutes late. The slide made the assertion that it would not be the inclusive thing to do to chastise the group that was late, since people must “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.”

So we have to bend over backwards to accommodate other cultures while they are allowed to not care about ours?

In that case, it is in my culture to sleep until noon and my employers are just going to have to deal with it.

But I demand they still pay me the same amount of money because I’m a woman and there is a wage gap right now that I will not tolerate!

According to The Daily Caller:

One slide features a guy named Alejandro who plans a meeting between two groups. Each group contains foreign professors and students. One group shows up 15 minutes early. The second group shows up 10 minutes late.

A question-and-answer section then instructs Clemson’s professors that Alejandro would be insufficiently “inclusive” if he were to “politely ask the second group to apologize.” Alejandro would also be wrong to advise the straggling, late people who aren’t respecting everyone else’s time that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”

The “inclusive” thing for Alejandro to do, the taxpayer-funded diversity materials instruct Clemson professors, is to “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.” Alejandro must understand “that his cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

So, what they mean is some foreigners are incapable of being on time and Americans need to shut up and accept it. All because of diversity.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a foreigner, I would be very offended by this!

It’s essentially saying foreigners aren’t responsible enough to follow rules.

Huh, sound familiar to anyone?

These incredibly over-priced slides were approved by Clemson Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill.

What does a Diversity Officer do? Apparently blow a lot of money on BS curriculum and then gets paid even more money to promote it.

Gill rakes in over $185,000 in tax-payer funds annually.

Money to Burn

And people wonder why the cost of tuition is so high.

The training materials are not mandatory by definition, but Clemson President James Clements said last year that “all employees will participate in diversity education and training,” notes Campus Reform. 

One such employee, a professor who skirted sufficient indoctrination, leaked the insane diversity slides to Campus Reform. 

The Daily Wire

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