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  • http://www.facebook.com/jamesbkroeger James Kroeger

    Nice thoughts, but it would cost the schools a bundle to accomplish all this…money they don’t have and that this sorry country won’t provide. I’m all for packing heat…I think every teacher needs to carry a firearm…well almost every teacher. Some teachers are doing good just to get fully dressed and make it to school on time! :)

    • gdoggerz

      Making teachers carry guns in schools where the students are violent and crime is skyrocketing. All it would take in one violent student to bash in a teachers head take their gun and kill other students with it…and then what? I think a lot of the problems in schools stem from the fact that most of our “teachers” are left wing libs that think the government should take care of them. Do you really think they are going to learn to use and carry a gun to take care of them selves??? There was a time when shooting and marksmanship was taught in schools. We should bring that back. Teach these kids to take care of themselves and to protect the country.

      • kenbarber

        if they would not carry then they should be fired. the teachers are the last line of defense. as to cost, we put guards on brinks trucks. how valuable are our kids??

        • gdoggerz

          You are right. My wife and I just decided to start home schooling our children. We all know that they won’t beef up security in the schools. The libs running the country into the ground, want tragedies like this to happen so they can justify taking away our freedoms. They want schools to not be secure so these things will happen time and time again. All the while political correctness, ie neo Marxism, is used to say that we cannot blame people or say that they are bad or that they are responsible for their actions, so we will pick on the weapons used or their up-bringing or some other nonsense. Then we are told to be tolerant of the evil in our society…another Marxist infiltration/contamination. Unfortunately, the teachers unions own the schools and they don’t really care about kids as they care about power and control.

          • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

            Good on ya and your wife brother! Good on ya! You never hear of “homeschool” shootings. Most homeschooled kids I know exceed their peers by years.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Morse/1424808432 Rob Morse

      It costs nothing to let those who are trained carry in schools tomorrow. We outlawed the cure. Build from there.

      • IMSweetOlBob

        Marksmanship and gun saftey should be a required part of any education degree. Our colleges are cranking out too many head-in-the-sand, liberal teachers. If they want to be professional teachers, let them be truly professional to the point of being able to protect themselves and their students.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Getting rid of the ‘free fire zones’ and let the criminals know they will die before they murder more than one will stem the bloodshed.

      Then start holding the POLITICIANS THAT ROUTINELY VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE accountable for each murder in, on, or around any public/government buildings or properties.

      Fort Hood disarmed the military…. how did that work out for the terrorist?

      • IMSweetOlBob

        I heard it was B.J. Clinton (That’s Bill Jefferson, of course) that signed the order banning our military from carrying weapons on military bases.

  • Jerry

    People that think to get rid of guns will get rid orime aren”t

  • http://twitter.com/Nikitafierro GCFG1977

    I agree and disagree with what you raise in your article. But if I think the laws for the carrying of weapons should be a little more strict. Also considered important education at home and in schools, psychological tests are the most important psychologist or psychiatric should be considered the most important and influential for a gun permit.

    Parents are responsible for 70% of the education of children at home, teachers provide only 30%. Parents who own guns should educate their children and teach them the importance of knowing how to use a weapon only in defense mode but turn the dangers that this implies, is super important that these parents have good communication with their children about this issue.

    I do not think that teachers should be armed but should at least have some education in schools to talk about defense, arms control, and especially how to react to such attacks, consultations with psychologists in schools should be deepened and every child should be monitored properly. I do believe that security should be strengthened within the schools.

    I as a mother I agree that teachers should have some voice in terms of constructive criticism towards parents, teachers to have some leverage to speak and advise parents, without offending or being too radical.

    I do believe that parents are responsible for security and self-esteem of our children, a good foundation at home, with love, respect and open communication makes a child self-confident and less problematic. Parents should be re-educated.

    America is a wonderful country! I come from a country, Venezuela, where violence is part of survival and we see this kind of massacres, why not fit in my head that the state does not do anything. This has to do with education, the to inform, delve, control and be a little more strict on those who are given permits for carriage of weapons.

    At least this is my humble opinion. GF

    • Idadho

      Connecticut already has very strict controls on who get a permit to own a hand gun. This monster killed and then stole his mother’s guns. The parents, when they went through their divorce in 2008-9 were required to take parenting classes. It appears dad was too busy with the partner track at Ernst and Young and mom was a strict authoritarian, probably focused on school grades at the expense of character development. A weapons locker and a few trained quick responders could have saved many lives. This assault took 10 minutes. Plenty of time for a few school staff to unlock as weapons locker, done protective gear and take out this monster. A special alarm to lock down and summon the weapons trained staff to the locker would make a big difference. As it is, the monsters know they are entering a gun free zone. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        A defensive weapon locked away in a remote area is somewhat USELESS.

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      GCF, very lovely pic by the way, the problem with the psych evals before allowing a gun is this….Our gov’t is on a very direct path toward dictatorship. To achieve this one who seeks must take the guns out of the hands of any “would be insurgents”. With the laws and executive orders that have been passed as of late, the gov’t has the right to declare ANYBODY a terrorist, mentally unstable, a dissident, and the list goes on. Most of the time these are lies and done simply on a hunch from the would be dictator. Eventually the gov’t could say “anybody that seeks to purchase a gun is a potential threat to public safety” and that would kill the 2nd Amendment. Especially coupled with all the other powers that the president has secured for himself via presidential executive order.

      I do believe parents and teachers should have a more open line of communication. But both parties have to be active. Where I live the teacher of many of these students see their kid’s moms and dads at church every Sunday. Of course where I live the local elementary school down the road from me, all the teachers meet before school each morning in the teachers’ lounge and has prayer before classes.

  • beachmom H

    CT has the 4th strictest gun laws in the country. This was a failure of the mental health system and school safety practices.
    Too many are just medicated and sent out on the streets.
    When I worked in the school system years ago, I saw kids throwing desks at teachers and worse. They were sometimes arrested but too many times the teachers were blamed and the violent students coddled.

    The school staffs should at the very least have tasers and/or guns that shoot bean bags to at least knock anyone who would try to do harm to their azz.

  • EBoone

    I do not understand a person who systematically murders a room full of people, especially a room full of kindergartners.
    Neither do I understand those who perform abortions, especially late-term and partial-birth abortions.
    Nor do I understand advocates of those acts against life.
    I do understand that banning the chosen instruments for death is not the answer; whether those instruments are gun, knife, forcipes or the soapbox.
    I neither understand nor know the answer. May God have mercy on our souls, but I do not understand why He would.
    That said, my support for Second Amendment protections of the individual’s right to keep and bear arms remains steadfast. That right may be the only guarantee individuals have for the opportunity to protect their safety and that of those around them.


    It should not be common knowlege which teachers/staff are armed or not.

    Vetted volunteers could be tasked with being school armed guards (Retired LEO’s?)

    Harden schools physically to limit unauthorized access.

  • Michael….retired LEO

    I would add a weapons retention training segment for the staff and the availability of secure weapons lockers for staff, should the need arise. My two cents worth.

  • Hugh Talkin To Me

    The reason Communist China can sensibly address the problem is that they are already communist. Many of our leaders are looking to over-regulate or ban guns to that we too may more easily be “changed” to a communist country

  • ralphwylie

    Why do the police carry firearms? It’s not to protect Joe Citizen, believe me, it’s to protect themselves. If it’s good enough reason for them, then why not me? I rest my case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Morse/1424808432 Rob Morse

    Thank you, Regis. A segment of the public safety community studies multiple victim murders. Their recommendations are similar to yours. For example, you will enjoy the seminars by Col. David Grossman on the armed civilian.

  • average joe

    NO don’t arm the teachers! Arm the headmaster and janators. These are the people that students do not have contact with these two any more than nessary. These two people can be anywhere in the school at any time. We dont need first graders looking at A gun all day. But training just two or three adults that are in non-teaching areas will alow for safe gun storage and only A few people with known shooting skills would be nessary.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      I agree, a person walks into a classroom, pulls a gun and starts shooting…..

      I know, let’s all hide under our desks while the killer walks around the room until a janitor or administrator shows up with a gun.

      The cops are only 20 dead children away and the janitor/administrator is only 18 dead children away….

      Perfectly flipping logical to me…..

      That plan certainly beats the heck out of telling the shooter “Walk into any room in this school and pull a gun, you will die instantly, no questions asked!”

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      It’s called a concealed weapon for a reason. The kids don’t need to look at a gun all day, nor would they. At that age they could play it like kindergarten cop if a child had been made aware of it’s presence. True the headmaster or the janitor could be anywhere at any time, but not EVERYWHERE at anytime. If you have a rather large campus, maybe 2, 3 or 4 buildings plus trailers like we had at my high school, then you might as well wait on the police as they may be able to respond quicker. Fact is if they are 2 buildings away, in other words they don’t just happen upon the killer before he goes into kill mode, then, he would easily be able to take out 2 or 3 classrooms before either could respond.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bf-Caffrey/100000376924378 B.f. Caffrey

    Ms. Giles suggestions are reasonable, for the most part. Lost here is the need to isolate the chronically mentally ill from society. People who commit violent acts without reason, don’t know right from wrong, those who can’t control their emotions, are divorced from reality and similar problems should be in institutions. Those who are given medication should be kept in a facility for observation for several days to ensure there are no side effects. People who can’t stay on their meds are routed to institutions if they’re dangerous. This is the only way to reduce the likelihood of “mentally ill” people from inflicting damage on the public.

    School security should be tight enough that visitors have a single point of entry that is secure. That means a reception zone with locked doors leading to the classrooms. An armed school security officer (not necessarily a cop) available, backed up by those teachers who elect to carry (not all teachers are suited to having a gun) should help counter a madman, provided the staff has some training. That entry portal could be equipped with a vestibule where a metal detector, when tripped, locks the inner door and refuses entry without someone admitting him from inside. The detectors only need to detect larger metal masses (not pocket knives) equivalent to a firearm.

    I’d go a step further with cameras. Plan with authorities to locate a “tap” into the system so they can view them from a parking lot command center. Also, someone in an office could use the PA to inform teachers of the shooter’s location. Metal barricades – not so good as stated. Trap him in a zone with students and he’ll resort to doing 100% damage where he is. Instead, drop the barricades in areas where his only choice is an exit from the building where police can deal with him. Adding OC spray between the barricades would be incentive for him to take the exit option.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Any ‘teacher’ “not suited to carry a gun” seriously needs to find employment where the LIVES of THE CHILDREN do not depend on reliable DEFENDERS.

      Well TRAINED in the art of SELF-DEFENSE and the Protection of the innocent.

  • ralphwylie

    Question: Why don’t the so-called “Crazies” always attack places where there are “No guns allowed” or presumed not present like schools, theaters, restaurants and parks?
    Answer: Maybe they’re not so crazy after all. When was the last mass murder at a police station, gun shop or at a firing range? Like never!

    Criminals love Gun Control. It makes their work so much safer.

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      According to Dr. Phil today only a total of 4% of all mass shootings is brought about of is the shooter found to be mentally ill. Also we stick a “mentally ill” label on anything that we don’t have the capacity to rationalize. In many cases all it is is evil. Nothing wrong with the brain, something wrong with the soul.

  • CJ

    No amount of security or new laws will stop what happened, from happening again. The problem is not the law, the availability of firearms (or any other weapon for that matter), or the left or the right. The problem is us. The people of the United States. The problem is we no longer take personal responsibility for our actions. I can garauntee you, he felt every person/child he shot deserved to die. Even his own death would get back at someone, “it’s not my fault, I’m the victim” is our new national motto. Even the news coverage is encouraging that attitude in the rest of us. I don’t give a rats ass why he killed his mother and the school she worked at (face it, that school is dead). The only evil being perpetrated is that we’re all being made to feel like victims that need big brother’s protection.
    I feel sorry for the loss to the parents and loved ones of the shooting victims, but I don’t feel the need to do penance for their losses.

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      You’ve got a good point CJ but you’re off base when you say there is no evil at work. No matter what the reason, evil entered into this kid. And this kid was either unable, or unwilling to stop it or resist it. The point you made enables our kids to do just that. Allow evil access to them without a check against it. On everything else I agree.

  • Mike Brannick

    My only disagreement with you is when you say these killings are becoming more common. They’re NOT! They just get a ridiculous amount of media coverage. I read an article earlier today which had statistics of mass shootings over the last 30 years and the last decade was by far the lowest rate of mass killings ever. I’m sorry I don’t have the url to direct you to it. If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you read John Lott Jr.’s book “More Guns, Less Crime.” It will give you good statistical support for your support of the Second Amendment. Keep up the good work.

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      I believe you are right, but, I believe you might see an uptick in the last couple of years in that number. Most of these mass shootings are done by Monarchs. Not sure if you know what that is. In short it’s evil people that create extreme mental trauma on children at a young age in order to splinter their personality and create a secondary personality partitioned off from the main one that they can control and develop. These shootings of recent has more than one purpose. The elites hope to get the guns out of the American people’s hands in the short term no doubt. But “just in case” it’s still not enough to push through a gun confiscation and subsequent ban, they have successfully created at least a couple of schools who will grow up terrified of firearms as they will always equate the gun with the trauma and it is likely they will grow up to be proponents of repealing the second amendment when they reach adulthood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.tilley2 Chuck Tilley

    Teachers should be allowed to defend themselfs .Because they are the first responders. By the time police show up we could have as many 20-30 deaths . If Teachers are armed this would cut down the total impact of a shooter. If we can arm Pilots and put armed Marshalls on planes .We can do the same at schools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.tilley2 Chuck Tilley

    We should allow College Students to carry with a Weapons permit too.Every American has a right to defend themselfs against someone who shoots are other for no reason. The Consitution gives Americans the right to protect themselfs under the 2 Amendment. The right to bear arms.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.troxel Mike Troxel

      My friend Craig Storrs is the reason why college kids and staff can carry at Liberty University. He not only passed a bill on it through the student senate, but then leapfrogged those in the administration that were against it and went straight to the top, working with the chancellor and the board to get an acceptable policy adopted and passed so that absolute confidence will always be absent from the mind of any attacker and the ability to defend oneself from that attacker will always be present. Not bad considering he won’t graduate until May.

  • Far Rider

    Arming teachers and principals is not the solution to ending school violence. With the rising problem of unemployed veterans, why not provide veterans the opportunity to continue their government service in a civilian capacity as a security force? The problems of school violence and unemployed veterans could be effectively addressed with this idea.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.troxel Mike Troxel

      And who would pay for this? This issue with rising number of veterans is the same as the rising number of unemployed non-veterans. That’s an economic issue. Eliminate (or at the very least – reduce) the economic barriers for business and more people – including veterans – will be employed.

    • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

      Good idea but may be a little more dangerous than helpful. With the suicide rate among vets going through the roof the last four years, you run the chance of one deciding to do it on the job and maybe take a few with him. Far worse would be the scenario in which the soldier had a flashback while on the job and “saw” a ied on a child that was coming toward him. Maybe non-combat military personnel or long retired military personnel. Not ones fresh from combat sadly. Too many potential unintended consequences. :( Though i thank our vets for their service from the bottom of my heart.

  • Wandering minstrel

    I’m chronically ill… I am on medication and currently have a job that pays me 6-figures. it may stop working at some point, but for now it words. Are you going to remove me from society?

    • Paladin

      The issue isn’t removal from socienty, but restricting access to firearms for those people who are deemed mentally unfit or a danger to society.
      The moment your meds stop working, the moment you show antisocial tendancies, violent or suicidal behavior, and are dependent upon medication to balance your emotional stability, then yes, you should be undergo an evaluation by trained medical and mental health professiona lif it is your intent to exercise your rights to own a firearm then you must be deemed fit and not a threat to yourself or to society.
      Further, as a responsible firearm owner, it should be mandated that all firearms except those on the person or immediately accessible for self protection in the home, must be kept in a secured condition that prevenets unauthorized access or use (read trigger or gun locks).
      Think about this…
      For $35 the mother could have put a gun lock on each of the three firearms she had in her house rendering them unusable.
      For $35… those 20 kids and 6 adults would not have had to die.
      While many may argue that is a step towards absolute gun control; I’d rather be required to spend $7 for a gun lock then have the gun completely taken away.

  • Kevin B Klein

    Awesome article . I read in 2010 in China a man killed 48 people with a meat cleaver . I googled it . I am acpl holder and proud of it ! I have a good record as a citizen and my cpl is the proof :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


  • http://twitter.com/singingcowboy67 Adam Cornelison

    I think a roving armed perimeter patrol would be effective as well. And doors that once closed and locked down would open out from in but not in from out. Bullet proof glass would be overkill if you had a glass break alarm that an armed personnel could address if it went off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.mckingley Jennifer Mckingley

    Great idea. However what really causes the man on that incident to occur? This is about psychological aspect I supposed.

  • Abw

    if that same Chinese man had an AR those injured would have been 22 children and 1 adult dead. Its cus of the knife the children were injured if it was a gun they would be dead, we need to understand that.

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