JAMES FOLEY’S MOM: Obama Has Failed All the US Islamic State Captives

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A very true and sad statement. To think our president gave a half-a** response to these beheadings is terrifying.

The mother of the first American hostage beheaded by Islamic State said the Obama administration is letting down all Americans captured by the terrorist group.

Unconfirmed reports of hostage Kayla Mueller’s death is proof, Diane Foley told ABC News, saying the administration is doing “too little, too late.”

“Kayla, along with our son and others, were held for nearly two years, and there were many opportunities along the way,” the mother of beheaded hostage James Foley told ABC News. “Several times when the captors reached out, several times when returning hostages brought sensitive information. And yet nothing was done to save our young Americans. So that’s the part that deeply concerns me.”

Mueller, 26, a humanitarian aid worker captured in August 2013, was unknown to the general public until Islamic State militants claimed Friday she was killed in a Jordanian airstrike.

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