‘Jihad, Jihad, Jihad’: What You Can Learn from the Muslim Oklahoma Beheading Suspect

You can tell a lot about a person by their Facebook posts. Check out Alton Nolen’s, the Oklahoma beheading suspect.

As most people know, a thirty-year-old self-described Muslim by the name of Alton Nolen horrifically murdered a woman in Moore, Oklahoma, on Thursday by beheading her.

Just your average case of “workplace violence,” or a clear act of terror inspired by Islamic extremism?

A look at some of the disturbing posts from what, by all appearances, is Nolen’s Facebook page may provide some clues:

#1. How Nolen updated his Facebook page – in March.


 #2. Nolen posted a picture of 9/11 and condemned the United States.


 #3. Nolen appeared to be upset at the U.S.’ wars in the Middle East and the destruction of mosques.


#4. Weeks ahead of the killing, Nolen showed himself on a trip to an amusement park near Oklahoma City, OK.


#5. Posted a Ramadan feast photo on July 27th, and added “IF IM STILL LIVING!”


#6.  Nolen makes a recent post about Judgment Day.


#7. Nolen studying with a companion named Abdullah.


#8. Here, Nolen cites a Christian passage before calling for “Jihad Jihad Jihad!”

Alton Benton 7

#9. In this photo, Nolen can be seen making the hand sign of an ISIS fighter. (Link to Sura 17 al Isra).


#10. Nolen posted a picture of deceased Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden.

Alton Benton 88

#11. Clearly he supports the Islamic State, as this red-bearded man in the image appears to be ISIS Commander Omar al-Shishani. He writes, “Some of my Muslim brothers!!!!!”

Alton Benton 9

#12. Nolen was preoccupied with death weeks before the Moore, Oklahoma, stabbing.


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