‘JIHADI JOHN’ THE JACKA**: Tanzania Expelled Mohammed Emwazi for Being Drunk and Abusive

I guess most potential terrorists typically aren’t very nice people.

British militant Mohammed Emwazi, who has been accused of being behind the beheading of foreign hostages in Syria, was expelled by Tanzanian authorities for being abusive and drunk, The Telegraph reported.

The 26-year-old was reportedly denied entry into Dar es Salaam after allegedly drinking on a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam in 2009, it has emerged.

Tanzanian Home Affairs Minister Mathias Chikwake claims the pilot of the KML flight, upon which Emwazi was aboard, issued a warning to immigration staff alerting them about a troublesome trio.

Emwazi, who is speculated to be ‘Jihadi John’, was accompanied by 27-year-old Ali Adorus and 23-year-old Marcel Schrodl, when they were detained in Tanzania back in 2009.

This comes as a contradiction to reports that stated that the minister was alerted by MI5.

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