John Boehner Writes an Op-Ed on the Obama Lawsuit, No Mention of Immigration

John BoehnerEditor’s Note: I don’t care how they go about impeachment, provided that they’re successful. My hopes aren’t high, though. Their’s no room for justice in Obama’s America.

President Obama is practically shouting from the rooftops that he’s about to grant a new unilateral amnesty to as many as six million illegal aliens, but the topic of immigration does not come up in a new op-ed from Speaker John Boehner explaining his lawsuit against Obama for lawlessness.

In the op-ed, Boehner explains why he chose to focus the lawsuit only on Obamacare.

“On the advice of legal experts, the House action will focus on his decision to extend–twice–the deadline to institute the employer mandate in his healthcare law,” Boehner wrote. “We believe this targeted lawsuit offers the best chance of success.”

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