John Kerry: ‘Buy Rosetta Stone and Learn Russian’ Because Trump is GIVING U.S. to Putin

Trump became president and now the apocalypse is happening. At least it seems that way if you are to go off of how the Dems are acting.

In the latest dooms-day cry, former Secretary of State John Kerry implied that the U.S. was going to be taken over by Russia. Because of Trump.

That’s a huge accusation from a man who destroyed pretty much everything he touched as Secretary of State. Kerry allowed ISIS to rise up, enabled Syria to use chemical weapons, and paid Iran billions to walk all over him! He indirectly (okay, it was pretty direct if you ask us) sponsored terrorism and the development of nuclear weapons.

But we are just supposed to forget about all that. Trump is the real enemy here after all. ISIS and Iran are puppies and kitties compared to Trump!

Kerry is scheduled to give the commencement speech at Harvard Kennedy School and he shared that speech with Politico.

I’m often asked what the secret is to have a real impact on government. Well, it’s recently changed. I used to say, either run for office or get a degree from Harvard Kennedy School. With this White House I’d say, buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian.

See, I told you. Kerry is implying that Trump is going to surrender control of the United States to the Russians and soon we will all be forced to speak Russian. Don’t worry too, much about this dire prediction. John Kerry is not known for understanding anything about international affairs, which may be weird for someone who was once SoS, but typical for democrats.

I’m not sure, but I think Kerry is actually working on his stand up routine. Immediately after he accuses Trump of bowing to Russian rule, he said this:

I did not come here to be partisan. Or political. Or pessimistic. But I need to tell the truth. And, together, we all need to start acting on it. The worst thing I could do is insult your intelligence by pretending that it’s smooth sailing for America and the world. And I refuse to self-consciously twist myself into a pretzel and put on a contrived mantle of bi-partisanship that alleges both parties are to blame for what’s happening – or not happening.

I did not come here to be partisan. Or political. Or pessimistic.”

…Someone, explain to us how he wasn’t any of those things.

Being a fear mongering Democrat, crying that a Republican will bring doom to our country, is no longer considered partisan, political, or pessimistic. Thank you, Kerry, for clearing that up for us.

He proceeds in his “non-partisan” speech by attacking Trump on a variety of issues:

It’s not normal to see a President of the United States decrying “so-called judges.” It’s not normal for the leader of the country that invented the First Amendment to routinely degrade and even threaten journalists. And no, it’s not normal to see the head of the FBI fired summarily because he was investigating connections between Russia and the Presidential campaign of the very man who fired him. And it’s not normal that when you close your eyes and listen to the news, too often the political back and forth in America sounds too much like it does in the kinds of countries that the State Department warns Americans not to travel to.

It’s also not normal to pay countries who sponsor terrorists billions of dollars and then lie to the public about it. But we digress…

We have spent more time debating what to call extremism than we have discussing a real strategy to defeat it. If we don’t deal with the long term, I promise you – every four years, a different president and a different foreign minister will be facing a different terror group with a different acronym.


He had more than enough time to come up with a plan to fix his mistakes. He came up with nothing and instead, insisted everyone stop calling them radical Islamist terrorists!

His plan (if you can call it that) failed miserably and yet, he is now the expert on dealing with ISIS? Dealing them cash, maybe, but blowing them off the face of the earth? No, we don’t think so.

Even though most of the graduates probably like Kerry, we feel sorry for Harvard Kennedy School. There has to be one student there who will be left shaking his head in disgust.

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