JON STEWART: Mr. President, ‘Are We Demanding too Much of You?’ [WATCH]

What a loaded question!

During his final appearance Tuesday night on the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart as host, President Obama was treated to a softball interview in which the retiring Comedy Central host worried: “Are we [the media] demanding too much of you?”

Stewart clearly seemed to sympathize with Obama over his poor relationship with the press and he spoke of Obama’s “frustration sometimes with the media — is the media, myself included, are we focused on the wrong things?”

The Daily Show host complained that the media weren’t focusing enough on what the administration wanted and he asked “[a]re we demanding too much of government? Are we too inflammatory? What is — what is your feeling on it?”

Without naming names, the president claimed that some media outlets “get on my nerves more than others” he complained that media “gets distracted by shiny objects and doesn’t always focus on the big, tough choices and decisions that have to be made and part of that is just the changing nature of technology.”

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