JORAN VAN DER SLOOT: ‘Confesses’ to Murdering Natalee Holloway in Undercover Video

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 6.56.07 PMFinally, the Holloway family will see some justice for their daughter.

A decade after Alabama student Natalee Holloway’s mysterious disappearance, the prime suspect in her murder appears to have ‘confessed’.

Joran van der Sloot, who is in a Peruvian jail for the murder of another student, Stephany Flores, was caught on an undercover video admitting he had lied to the police and mocking the investigation into Holloway’s death.

Speaking about the case in his native Dutch, he then appears to make a shocking confession about the murder to his wife and the undercover reporter from Radar Online saying: ‘yes, this is also where I am guilty and I accept everything that I have done.’

Van der Sloot was the last person seen with Holloway, who vanished while on a trip to Aruba.

Natalee was 18 and on a graduation trip with 130 classmates from Mountain Brook High School just outside Birmingham, when she disappeared on May 30, 2005.

She was last seen with three men including van der Sloot, a then-17-year-old Dutch national, after an evening at a nightclub.

Van der Sloot, who lived on the island, has always been the main suspect and the victim’s father Dave Holloway believed he got help to take Natalee’s body and dump it in a crab pot out at sea.

Yet, while the 28-year-old was arrested twice on suspicion of her murder, he has never been charged.

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