Judo Olympic Champ Gets Butt WHOOPED by Hotel Receptionist

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.59.33 PMBelgium medalist Dirk Van Tichlet got a black eye the other night after picking a fight with the hotel receptionist. His drunken stupor is partially to blame for the fight breaking out. Check out the details.

A Belgian Olympic judo star was arrested after breaking into a Rio hotel and fighting with a martial arts expert receptionist, according to eyewitness reports.

Dirk Van Tichelt got a black eye in the brawl with the jujitsu trained receptionist, who he accused of hiding a woman at the hotel who allegedly stole his phone.

The 32-year-old had been out celebrating winning his bronze medal in the 73kg judo category on Monday.

It is claimed the thief then grabbed a mobile phone from his training partner and ran into the hotel.

Incensed, Van Tichelt chased the woman – and claimed she was hiding inside the Best Western Hotel in Copacabana in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

An unnamed member of hotel staff said: ‘There were a group of people making a lot of noise down the road from the hotel.

‘Then all of a sudden one of them, who turned out to be the judo player, started running after a woman. He came belting down the road chasing after her.

‘The woman tried to get into the hotel but the doors were locked. The athlete didn’t catch the woman but wrongly thought that she had entered our hotel.

‘But our doors were already locked so she couldn’t have come in. Even so, he broke the lock on the door and burst in making a lot of noise and making a lot of accusations.’

The hotel employee revealed that the receptionist tried to calm the situation down but the Belgian ‘was very aggressive accusing the hotel of the woman.’

He said: ‘He thought that the woman was staying in the hotel and demanded the receptionist should give him her room number so she could return the phone.

‘This was all totally untrue. Unfortunately, the Belgian athlete smelled of alcohol and looked very drunk.

‘My colleague tried to get the man out of the hotel and this turned into a fight. They exchanged quite a few punches. As it happens the receptionist also practises jiu-jitsu so they were equally matched.’

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