KANYE WEST GOES ON TWITTER RANT: Begging for $1 Billion from Mark Zuckerberg After Revealing Financial Issues

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.39.29 AMDude has derailed, but then again why do we care?

Kanye West went on a surreal rant on Twitter on Sunday night, begging Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page — the founders of Facebook and Google — to give him a billion dollars for his art.

The outspoken rapper posted a stream-of-conscious monologue on the social network, in which he referred to himself as the “greatest artist of all time,” as well as “this generation’s Disney.”

West — or Yeezy — released his latest album “The Life of Pablo” over the weekend. Initially available to buy, he has since removed the download link — making users install Tidal, a streaming service Kanye owns a stake in, in order to listen.

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Yeezy began with a direct appeal to Zuck to fund his ideas.

He then said we was going to “fix” “Wolves,” one of the tracks on “The Life of Pablo,” before announcing a change in distribution strategy.

Several hours later, the tactic apparently paid off — pushing Tidal to the top of the Apple App Store ranking.

From here, Yeezy talked a little about recognition and art.

Then came another direct appeal to the Facebook CEO.

Note: Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday is actually May 14.

Then Kanye loops in Larry Page, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Kanye West signed off on an unrelated subject.

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