KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT: ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Doesn’t Sign Waiver Allowing his High School to Tell Their Side

Ahmed MohamedWere the papers sent to the wrong lawyer or does Ahmed not want something to get out?

When “Clock Boy” Ahmed jets off to Qatar, he may leave his former Texas high school silenced from disclosing the details behind his September 14 arrest because the Mohamed family did not sign the school district’s waiver. Without it, the Irving Independent School District (ISD) remains muzzled from telling their side, burying the rest of the story.

The Dallas Morning News insisted the reason the Mohamed family never signed the waiver because Irving ISD sent the paperwork “to the wrong lawyer.” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne suggested to the Dallas newspaper that an unresponsive Mohamed family was to blame.

Since September 14, the Mohamed family made time for press conferences, visits to the United Nations, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Qatar Foundation sponsored Education City tour, a Saudi funded Mecca pilgrimage, a hug from Sudanese genocidal war crimes theocratic dictator Bashir, a terror-tied CAIR banquet, and Astronomy Night at the White House while the waiver remains unsigned and the clock-in-a-box sits at Irving police headquarters.

Breitbart Texas spoke to Irving Independent School District spokeswoman Lesley Weaver, who timelined events she could address to bring some context to an otherwise one-sided “Clock Boy” Islamophobia narrative fanned by mainstream media that dismissed the role that “safe school” and threat assessment “zero tolerance” policies played in Ahmed Mohamed’s woes, not bigotry.

On September 16, Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America Attorney Linda Moreno presented herself as Ahmed’s legal counsel at a press conference held on the front lawn of the Mohamed’s Irving home, which the Dallas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) hosted. In opening remarks to news media, CAIR’s Alia Salemintroduced the “civil rights advocacy group” as “helping to get Ahmed’s story out.”

Salem said: “I’m here to introduce you to Ahmed Mohamed and his family and his legal representation.” At the 1:50 mark, Salem says: “I’m going to turn it over to Linda Moreno. She’s going to speak on behalf for legal counsel.” At the 2:15 mark, Moreno said: “I am an attorney and of counsel with the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America. And the family has asked the Center to represent the interests of Ahmed going forward.” She also said, “So we are committed to ensuring that Ahmed’s interests are protected.”

From this, Irving ISD understood Moreno represented the Mohamed family—as did news organizations and other entities worldwide like Getty Images, which captioned their press conference photos: “Attorney Linda Moreno Speaks to the media with her client Ahmed Mohamed and his family during a news conference on September 16, 2015 in Irving, Texas.” The Associated Press (AP) reported Moreno as “an attorney representing Ahmed.”

“Clock Boy” lawyer stories ran in the Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, ChicagoTribune, and Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News. CNN reported it and even the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACDL) posted on Facebook: “Ahmed Mohamed’s attorney, Linda Moreno, is presenting at NYSACDL’s Federal Practice CLE next Friday! Register today.”

The next day, Irving ISD officials sent Moreno the waiver via certifed mail. Weaver explained to Breitbart Texas, “When a family indicates they have legal representation, it is customary for our attorney to work with their attorney.”

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