‘KILL ANYONE IN UNIFORM’: According to GoHeroes.US, Texas Biker Gangs Have Been Ordered to Kill Police

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.39.19 AMIf this is real, our Texas police have their work cut out. Stay safe cops!

WACO: Police have issued an Officer Safety Alert after credible information was received that the biker gangs involved in today’s deadly shootout have been ordered to ‘kill anyone in uniform’.

Police were involved in the shooting that included at least 3 outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs)  in what a local police sergeant  is calling “…one of the worst crime scenes I have seen in 34-years of Law Enforcement. ” Photographs from the scene show ‘the colors’ of the Cossacks, Bandidos and Scimitars, although the Cossacks and Bandidos appear to be the main belligerents.  Both of those motorcycle clubs are from Texas and have had bad blood since a Bandido chapter president was arrested for stabbing two Cossacks in the parking lot of another restaurant.

Waco police had placed a security contingent of about 12 officers and were there when a fight broke out and spilled into the parking lot. the fight progressed rapidly from fists, to chains and knives and then firearms. Officers moved in as gunfire was erupting and treated it as an active shooter scene. According to Sgt. Swanton, spokesman for the department, police did fire at the gang members who were shooting after gunfire was directed at them.

Read more: goheroes.us

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