KILL BABIES, SAVE THE EARTH: ‘Eco Terrorists’ Plan to Poison Baby Formula to Protest Against Pesticide

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How about a lawsuit or something, instead of endangering children’s lives?

Suspected ‘eco-terrorists’ have threatened to poison baby formula in New Zealand unless authorities ban a particular agricultural pesticide.

Anonymous letters have been sent to a national farmers’ group and to Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, containing samples of infant formula laced with the poison known as 1080.

The letters, which are being treated as blackmail, threatened to contaminate more formula unless use of the poison, a pesticide, ceased by the end of March.

Police in the country suspect activists opposed to the use of the pest control could be behind the threat – and despite considering the possibility it could be a hoax, they have carried out more than 40,000 tests on products so far, with none showing any trace of 1080.

Parents have been warned to stay vigilant for any signs their formula may have been tampered with, while security at shops and manufacturing and packaging plants has been stepped up.

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