KILLER ON THE LOOSE: Home Invader Kills Elderly Man in His Home

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.43.17 AMThe second shooting that night was very similar to the first, however the victim survived. Hopefully they will be able to find this thug.

Two elderly people were attacked at two different locations, but just minutes apart. In both of those incidents elderly men were shot inside their homes and one of those shootings ended with a man left for dead in his living room.

Both of the shootings were on Houston’s southeast side. The first was just before 2am on Grace near Griggs. The second shooting was about 10 minutes later on London near Ward.

In the first shooting, police say a man in his 60’s was inside his home, watching television when someone came in and started shooting. Police say the man was shot numerous times and died instantly.

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