KISS LE A**: French Town REFUSES to Give Muslim Burial to ISIS Terrorists

The ISIS terrorists who killed the French priest are not getting the proper Muslim burial that is required and it has a few Islamists pissed off. Should the town care at all?

Adel Kermiche and Abdelmalik Petitjean will not be given a Muslim burial by locals who say they do not want to “taint” Islam.

Both men who entered the Normandy church acted in accordance as they slit 84-year old priest Fr Jacques Hamel’s throat on the altar while he was conducting morning mass.

Now furious locals are turning their backs on the men.

Mohammed Karabila, imam of one of the town’s mosques, told Le Parisien: “We’re not going to taint Islam with this person.

“We won’t participate in preparing the body or the burial.”

And two of the nuns who were held hostage have now spoken for the first time of the terror attack and revealed the men were smiling as they committed the murder.

The pair who were both 19, invaded the 17th-century church on 26 July killing Father Hamel and wounding a member of the congregation.

Sister Huguette Peron told Catholic newspaper La Vie: “I got a smile from the second (man).

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