DID YOU KNOW? Muslim Olympic Athlete was ARRESTED on RAPE Charges During Rio Games

While everyone was freaking out about Ryan Lochte, the media was silent on this issue. Seems pretty suspicious, don’t you think?

AN OLYMPIC boxer has been arrested on suspicion of attempted rape in the athletes village.

Moroccan Hassan Saada was arrested early on Friday after two women came forward making accusations against him.

According to information released by the police, the athlete, 22, allegedly asked both of the women into his room to take a selfie.

When they entered, the boxer is said to have fondled the thighs of one woman and touched the breasts of the other.

After taking a picture he is said to have “cornered” one girl and tried to kiss her by force.

The boxer then allegedly offered the other woman money to masturbate him.

Two other athletes were in the room at the time, but they are not being treated as suspects.

Rio police confirmed the Moroccan boxing athlete, Hassan Saada, has been transferred to Bangu high security prison.

Lawyers said the Moroccan denied the charges.

The arrest at the Olympic Village just hours before the opening ceremony was made by cops from Recreio Police Station.

Worryingly, Detective Carolina Solomon said: “There are some rumours that there have been other cases in the Olympic Village.”

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