LAST STRAW: What Obama Just Did Is An IMPEACHABLE Offense

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.07.16 AMAs if the Iran Nuclear deal wasn’t enough, Obama has to go and do this. Giving money/doing business with the number one sponsor for Islamic Terrorism is unforgivable.

We’ve shared here previously the efforts of the U.S. company, Boeing, relating to aircraft sales to Iran. We support the free market, but we don’t support crony capitalism enabled by corrupt government. As well, we don’t support enabling the economic growth of a sworn enemy. However, it appears the Obama administration doesn’t share the same sentiment. Funny… the left always talks about Republicans being in bed with large corporations.

Well, look who’s been doing a little dancing under the sheets now.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Obama administration officials are orchestrating an international campaign to encourage businesses and governments to reengage in the Iranian marketplace, prompting accusations from leading members of Congress that the White House is behaving as the Islamic Republic’s top global “lobbying shop,” according to conversations with lawmakers and multiple sources tracking the issue.

The administration’s efforts on Iran’s behalf—which go far beyond the requirements under last summer’s nuclear agreement—are said to have pressured the world’s foremost financial task force to reduce counter-terror efforts impacting Iran, despite Tehran’s role as the globe’s top exporter of terrorism. The Financial Action Task Force’s decision coincides with multiple efforts, both public and private, by top U.S. officials to promote increased international trade with Iran.

The pro-Iran effort, which is being helmed by the State Department, has caused internal rifts in the Obama administration among top officials who object to the effort. Top lawmakers are now going on the offensive to combat these efforts following a decision late last week by the FATF, an intergovernmental body that counters money laundering, to roll back measures blocking business with Iran.

Secretary of State John Kerry has been open in recent weeks about his efforts to help Iran’s economy outside of the nuclear accord. “I have personally gone beyond the absolute requirements of the lifting of sanctions to personally engage with banks and businesses and others who have a natural reluctance after several years of sanctions to move without fully understanding what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do,” Kerry said earlier this month.”

This truly earns a “Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot” designation.

Has the Obama administration forgotten Iran is the world’s number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism — oops, perhaps the question should be do they even care?

We have a secretary of state ADMITTING he’s going above and beyond to advance the financial interests of Iran. This is the country that hangs gays. This is the country that imprisons and tortures Christians, and this Obama administration wants to advance its economic growth? Doggone, I wish Obama and Kerry were so adamant about our own economic growth. Obama is seeking to provide Iran an economic stimulus package — while he’s up in Canada blathering on about climate change.

“Sources told the Free Beacon that the Obama administration is moving forward with efforts to provide these businesses with legal cover from sanctions and other measures that could impact their business relations with Iran.

“The Obama administration is now regarded as Iran’s lobbying shop both in Europe, where companies are eager for Washington’s cover to go back into Iran, and on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers blame Treasury officials for lying to them in confidential briefings about sanctions relief,” said one foreign policy adviser who works intimately with Congress on the matter.

“Meanwhile inside the White House the deals’ supporters are so far gone they say they support dropping anti-terror measures against Iran even while they admit that Iran is the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” the source said. Terrorism experts are warning that the administration’s efforts will open U.S. businesses to involvement in Iran’s export of terror and corruption.”

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