LATEST ATROCITY: Muslims are Doing to Infidels is BEYOND Disturbing

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.28.54 AMWhy do we let them get away with this?

As the threat of Islam rages on, it seems that the left will do anything to ignore the atrocities brought about by the religion at all costs. Proving that even more, what Muslim clerics have just ruled as an acceptable practice to be carried out on living infidels is beyond disturbing – and we have yet to hear even a peep from our leftist counterparts on the matter.

What they’ve most recently declared as acceptable, more than likely won’t shock too many people – but it should. According to Muslim scholars, “taking the organs of non-Muslims is permissible under Islamic law to save the life of a Muslim,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Making things even worse, just as Mad World News has reported in the past, they ruled that it is acceptable for Muslims to eat the flesh of their wives in order to save themselves from starvation. Supported by the Koran, Islamic State scholars declare that saving a Muslim from “death and deterioration is an Islamic legal duty.”

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