Law Abiding Gun Owners Need Your Support


Due to the devastating tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, gun control legislation has been re-tabled and legislators are working hard to get these laws passed. Law abiding gun owners’ rights are being cast aside because the real issues of this, and past, school shootings are not being addressed.

The fact is that our law makers are riding off the emotions of this current tragedy in order to pass laws they have tried to pass before. With our current administration, they most likely will get the job done. That is unless you speak up!

Being that this is America, we the people still have a voice.

Sign now!

Sign this petition and show President Obama and his administration that the true cause of Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings was due to a tormented mind. We, as responsible gun owners, do not accept the excuse that it was current gun laws that allowed this heartbreaking event to come to pass.

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