Lawmakers accuse Napolitano of using budget crisis to free criminal aliens

JANETHouse of Representatives Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) late Thursday questioned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano using the current budget crisis as rationale to release possibly thousands of criminal illegal immigrants into the general population.

“In the tradition of the Obama administration to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste,’ lawmakers are fuming over the thought that the administration is using the sequestration debacle to provide themselves with cover to release more illegal aliens from detention facilities,” said former police detective Iris Aquino.

“If these criminal aliens kill an American or two, it’s a small price to pay for so many votes,” Det. Aquino said with obvious sarcasm. “Besides, Obama and his news media sycophants will figure out some way to blame the GOP for the released criminal aliens and for any crimes they commit.”

In a letter to Napolitano, Goodlatte and Grassley wrote, “The Department has decided to release criminal aliens into the population even though detention beds are below their average daily requirement of 34,000…While the Department released illegal alien detainees into the population on the basis of cost cutting, we find this decision particularly troubling because the Department has carried or will carry forward billions of dollars in fiscal years 2012 and 2013.”

Goodlatte and Grassley also wrote that they “received information that ICE is ‘mass releasing’ aliens convicted of fraud, theft, or drunk driving offenses, as these aliens are not considered to be subject to mandatory detention. According to other reports, illegal aliens who are documented gang members and those who have been arrested for but not convicted of a serious crime are also being released. Additionally, it is reported that fugitives and aliens with final removal orders are also being released. According to information we have obtained, many of these aliens are being released on simple recognizance.”

Goodlatte and Grassley added, “Simply blaming budget reductions as a means to turn a blind eye toward the national security of the American people is a dangerous plan and one that calls into question the Department’s preparations for sequestration.”

Meanwhile,a top public-interest NGO (non-governmental agency) reported on Thursday that the…


  • whirlledpeas

    I never thought her as the right person for the job!..She’s no dummy..but that job calls for a different personality..

    • Skyhawk

      And what is that “she’s no dummy” based on?. Have you seen any evidence to justify that evaluation?

  • Rick LapLante

    Why not impeach Napolitano? She is clearly over her head in trying to mange this thing. How much malfeasance and incompetence must she exibit tha America has to stand before we get a little action from Congress. We DO have a vested interest in her being abel to do the job.

    • Skyhawk

      Impeachment isn’t the answer. A criminal trial and suitable punishment for up tp and including any and all offenses comitted by these illegals to which she , Holder and Soetoro are complicit.

  • donald oesau

    The obama administration is determined to inflict as much damage to america and the republican party as possible in their attemptto destroy this country. The worst criminals are in the white house.

  • bob90

    The Republicans in the House have NO BALLS…otherwise they would have started Impeachment Hearing back in 2010…

  • Pizzed Off

    Along those lines, they’ve enough money to be able to purchase over a Billion rounds of ammunition. The GOP Senators along with those GOP Representatives in the House should make it clear that Holder, Napolitano, et al will be held as “accessories” both before and after the fact should ANY American citizen be killed by any of those purchased items without due process in following the Constitution. And if they don’t do it, they themselves can be considered as ‘aiding and abetting’.

  • John Detwiler

    How about using the budget crisis by spending millions on Bullets, Weapons and Tanks?

  • bob novak

    Hey hey, its racist to call this miscreants illegals. They’re undocumented aliens according to this administration. I say they’re targets.

  • CK

    Napolitano was a looser when her Dikeness was governor of Arizona. She has been a dismal failure in Arizona and now with Obozo and the DHS. She needs to be fired and obozo needs to be impeached for their failure to protect Americans from the invasion from Mexico!

  • Berlin Veteran

    What about the $307 Billion they want to spend to put the internet in Africa? With the waste that goes on in DC why should we even bother to pay taxes.

  • Warren Reynolds

    Many were released before the sequestration started. POS DHS

  • Gary Johnson

    She MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!

  • Eugene Lubben

    Don’t you just love the stupid liberal dumbocrats

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