LEAKED: Did Comey Do Everything He Can to PROTECT Obama?

Americans are tired of the political elites.

Don’t believe us? Let’s refresh with this little video, shall we?

Trump is in the White House now because people can’t take another “swamp” politician.

That’s why people were chanting for Hillary to be locked up!

Comey decided not to prosecute Clinton (more than just once, we might add) for her many misdeeds.

Justice did not win when that happened.

Now it looks like justice will again, not be served.

Last week in Senate Hearings fired and former FBI Director Comey conceded that he was one of swamp as he admitted to taking government information (notes he testified that he took after meeting with President Trump while he was FBI Director) and leaking parts of these notes to the press. This was a very serious ‘matter’ as some noted that his house and office should have been raided by US Marshals as soon as he admitted leaking to the press. However, to this date, Comey runs free and no actions have been taken against him although another leaker last week was put behind bars.

The Gateway Pundit

In Comey’s testimony, he says he leaked information to the New York Times via a friend, all in hopes of prompting a special counsel.

He has done everything he can to attack President Trump and his administration. Put them in legal jeopardy for acts that even Comey admits are bogus claims.

Comey was fine with dropping charges against Hillary. He benefitted from those actions.

Now reviewing Comey’s past testimonies in front of Congress with a new pair of glasses (knowing Comey is totally dishonest and a political player)  other revelations become apparent.  Namely, Comey did all he could to protect President Obama from any criminal activities that took place during Obama’s administration.  Note at the 8:00 minute mark in the video below what Comey says about President Obama –

When Trey Gowdy asked a simple yes or no question, if Comey had briefed President Obama on any calls involving General Michael Flynn, the response is jaw dropping.

“I am not going to get into either that particular case, that matter or conversations I had with the President,” Comey said.

He did not and will not answer the question.

He did everything he possibly could to protect Obama and Clinton.

It’s time justice wins out. It’s time Comey is held accountable.

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