LEAN ON ME: Gang of Fifth Graders Befriend Bullied Boy

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.23.44 AMIt’s nice to see kids doing the right thing.

When a group of fifth grade boys spotted a fellow classmate with a learning disability getting bullied — they didn’t like what they saw. Realizing that it was not okay for someone to be picked on, they decided to help him out.

The group of five fifth grade friends — Jack Pemble, Jake Burgess, Tyler Jones, Gus Gartzke and Landon Kopischke — saw a fellow student with a learning disability being teased on the playground and decided to take action.

“Why pick on someone,” Jack Pemble begins to ask, as Jake Burgess finishes his question, “who has special needs?” The boys are talking about their fellow classmate, James Willmert. Willmert has a learning disability, and some grade schoolers can be ruthless. “They were like, using him and taking advantage of him,” Jake explained to KARE 11. “Because he’s easier to pick on and it’s just not right,” Jack adds.

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