Lerner Has Got Some Splaining To Do: Recovered Emails from Lois Lerner Prove She’s Hiding Something

Editor’s Note: Looks like things aren’t going well for former IRS leader Lois Lerner. It would be a shame if the investigation stops there and we never learn who was pulling her strings. 

Lois Lerner just got smoked on the floor of Congress by Congressman Jim Jordan in front of the smug IRS head John Koskinen.

Emails recovered on the IRS official who plead the Fifth (before giving up her right to remain silent) and then “lost” her hard drive show that she was wanting to make sure that the IRS’ internal messaging system was set-up to make sure her info was not traceable, trackable or storeable. The phrasing could not be more “perfect.”

Lois Lerner sent the following to Maria Hooke, the Director of Business Systems Planning for Tax Exempt & Government Entities, and copied Nanette Downing, the Director of Exempt Organizations Examinations:

lerner2Hooke responded with the following:

HookeAnd Lois Lerner’s insidious one-word response?


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