Let the Pranks Begin: 12 Epic April Fools’ Day Pranks

Screenshot 2014-03-31 at 8.42.31 PMApril Fools’ Day is upon us, which means a prank could be lurking ’round every corner, chair or potentially Saran-wrapped door.

If you didn’t plan the greatest, most YouTube-worthy prank of all time, no worries. You can still fool your friends and family with pranks that require little effort and yield big laughs. (From you, at least.)

This year, forget blasting your mom’s car with Post-it notes and settle for a simpler prank. Check out these easy gags you can pull together before the day’s end.

But don’t blame the Internet if your friends shun you for a few days — it’s tough to forgive someone for a donut full of mayonnaise.

1. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish to prevent it from lathering.


2. Mix Reese Pieces, Skittles and M&Ms into one big bowl.


3. Stuff doughnuts with mayonnaise.


4. Or swap it for vanilla pudding.


5. Stock your refrigerator with a terrifying “head” in a jar.




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