Liberal ‘Feminist’ Calls Melania Just a “Good Photo Opportunity” — That’s Not Even The Worst Part!

CNN, we all know how they feel about Trump.

So it’s no surprise they published the op-ed “The ugly truth behind Saudi Arabia’s love for Melania Trump” where the First Lady is torn to shreds. (Not very feminist of the author if you ask us.)

Author Anushay Hossain claims Trump makes Melania behave in a way “the Saudi government likes women to behave.”

That is to say: silent, pretty, and subservient.

Donald Trump’s first major trip overseas may be fraught with diplomatic land mines for the President, but the Trump administration can at least comfort itself with the clear hit that Melania Trump has been with the Saudi press.

The fact that Melania is communicating with the media and the public in Saudi Arabia — mainly through what Saudi news reports have deemed her “classy and conservative” fashion choices — works well in the notoriously anti-woman kingdom. Her intense appeal makes sense, considering the first lady represents so much that Saudi citizens find familiar and can relate to, especially visually. Melania walks behind her husband, is quiet and reserved, does not make obvious demands (at least not ones we can hear), and most importantly, she looks beautiful and polished.

All of that should come as no surprise, given whom Melania is married to. After all, how the Saudi government likes women to behave is similar to how Donald Trump has said he likes women to behave. And they both prefer women to look pretty in pictures, rather than hold actual positions of power.


She writes that the First lady does not deserve feminist credit for choosing not to wear a headscarf because “that choice really is not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.”

She writes that Melania was a “good photo opportunity” and championed for “fake feminism” (what?!) by visiting companies run by women entrepreneurs. Hossain believes that those visits were to project a false narrative of a government committed to advancing women’s rights.

We aren’t saying that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women is okay! We feel like that was the complete opposite of the message Melania (and Ivanka) were trying to spread.

The headscarf should be the least of the Trump family’s worries, because the Saudi press have embraced Melania (and to a related but lesser extent, Ivanka) for basically doing for the kingdom what they do for Donald Trump: Provide the perfect cover for misogyny and tyranny by being beautiful, poised and often silent.

In Melania, the Saudi press and the Saudi government found the perfect spokeswoman, who projects a glamorous image that glosses over one of world’s most autocratic and oppressive regimes.

Melania was highly successful before she was Trump’s wife. She was making a name for herself in the modeling world. She didn’t need Trump to do that for her.

I was taught that feminism was about showing women their true potentials, to help them chase after the things that would make them happy and successful. It was about bring women up, not tearing them down.

The left’s idea of feminism is not like what I was taught. Not even a little bit. If you do anything that could be considered subservient (taking your husband’s last name, enjoying making dinner for your family, even having children to some) you are considered the reason why women aren’t “advancing”.

That is not what feminism is about. But try telling that to the leftists.

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