Liberals are FUMING After Alabama Gov. Signs Bill PROTECTING Historical Confederate Landmarks

According to The Hill, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a bill that will stop cities and counties from removing Confederate monuments on public property.

This comes after New Orleans recently removed monuments to Confederate figures.

Sen. Gerald Allen, the lead sponsor of the bill, has said he is determined to end the “wave of political correctness” that has spread across the country.

“Where does it end? Are all parts of American history subject to purging, until every Ivy League professor is satisfied and the American story has been re-written as nothing but a complete fraud and a betrayal of our founding values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?”

The bill does two things that PC freaks will hate. It protects public monuments that are over 40 years old from removal. It also blocks any name changes of schools that are also over 40 years old.

In total, nine Confederate monuments in Alabama will be protected.

This did not sit well with a lot of leftists, as was expected.

Legal director at Southern Poverty Law Center, Rhonda Brownstein, said in a statement:

“These racist symbols have no place on government property, where they counter our nation’s core principle to ensure liberty and justice for all. By signing this bill, Gov. Kay Ivey indicates that lauding white supremacy is more important than demonstrating equality for all Alabamians.”

And Twitter obviously exploded:

Is it really that sickening? What do you think?

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