LIFE is what matters: Message to Democrats (and Republicans) Trying to “compromise” Away My Gun Rights

RG AR-15I have always looked at each candidate, studied their views and record, and voted for whichever one best represented most of my values. I’ve never been a one-issue voter, only voting for the person who supports, say for an easy example, abortion rights, no matter what their other views are. However, you may be changing that with the whole gun control issue.


Let’s look at your platform issues and see how they actually help us if you take away our right to guns and adequate ammo:


  • Social Security protection: Since I’m getting closer every day to retirement, you think you are supporting and protecting my money. That money does me no good IF I’M DEAD because you took away my right to adequately protect myself.


  • Access to free birth control, free cell phone, food stamps, rental assistance: DEAD women don’t need birth control. DEAD people don’t eat, make phone calls or worry about rent. NONE of this stuff matters if I can’t protect myself.


  • Social programs: All the “safety net” programs that you protect are no good to any of us IF WE ARE DEAD because you took away our right to adequately protect ourselves.


  • Education: It does children no good for you to push for funding for their education IF THEY ARE DEAD because you took away their parent’s right to adequately protect them AND refuse to allow them to be as well protected at school as you are at your work.


  • Protection of the right to an abortion: An abortion does women no good IF THEY ARE DEAD because you took away our rights to adequately protect ourselves.


  • Health Care Reform: Oh, wait, maybe that’s the point. DEAD people can’t make use of the new health care system. A good way to solve the problem of how to fund so many Americans is to just make SURE they die and you don’t have to serve them.


  • Violence Against Women Act: This is a classic case of words saying one thing and actions showing another. You are making it EASIER for violence to be perpetuated against women by making us even MORE defenseless. Paper policies don’t help women protect themselves. Guns do! DEAD women aren’t helped by your paper policies. We are intelligent and independent. Are you paying attention to all the information coming out that women are the biggest group buying guns and getting trained? We’re certainly not spending millions of dollars in anticipation of NOT using guns to protect ourselves. We’re certainly not planning on just handing over our guns or magazines either, no matter what laws you pass.


What is adequate protection? No one knows ahead of time, no one knows until they are looking back at the situation. You aren’t psychic or in any other way special enough to be able to see the future for any of us. I certainly do NOT give you the right to decide FOR ME what adequate protection is. I will decide for myself what is enough, not you.


No laws, no part of the Constitution, no part of the Bill of Rights does ANY American ANY good IF WE ARE DEAD. None of your laws or values or policies or platforms means anything to DEAD people. So let me make this very clear – if you vote for any laws to limit my ability to adequately protect myself and my family, I WILL vote AGAINST you in the next election, no matter what your platform issues are because they do no one any good if we aren’t alive to take advantage of them. LIFE is what matters, first and foremost, then LIBERTY. Without those two, there IS nothing else.

About the author: Nancy Keaton

Nancy Keaton lives in Chehalis, Washington with her family. She is mother of three and grandmother of three and has recently acquired the healthy love of guns, self-defense, hunting, and the Second Amendment. Nancy and her family are also a travel writing team and you can learn about fun in the Pacific Northwest by checking out their blog at Questions and comments can be emailed to Nancy at

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  • Heather James

    This has been my email sig line the past couple of months: “The human right of armed self-defense against evil and tyranny is essential to the right to life itself. Without the right of self defense, you DO NOT HAVE the right to life, because you are utterly unable to protect that right. You are a slave, alive only so long as it doesn’t better suit someone for you to be dead.”

    I am quoting myself, so please credit me if you borrow it.

    We need to insist on framing the 2nd amendment debate in human rights terms. Done this way, the lefties have a tougher time fighting it, as we are using their terminology against them. The right to self-defense IS the right to life!

  • skyhawk

    Any law or executive order that infringes upon the second amendment is automatically illegal and has no validity.

    • jstarusa

      Yes it does at the moment. However I heard they are working on either doing away with the second amendment, or changing it to fit their agenda. Stay tuned, folks!

  • Michal

    I so agree with you. Americans have the right for self protection – against all evil and tyranny (which can definitely come from the government and it’s armed services).

  • Charlie

    This war that the democract party is fighting against our constitution is just flat out wrong. Yes an individual has the God Given Right not the governmental right to defend themselfs. Defend themselfs from attackers. Personal attacks,tyrannical attacks and any other attack. There are times when the only way to defend from attack is a weapon,it should always be the last resort,but it should always be available to all in need to defend themselfs.
    Does anyone know of a shooter that has had their court case kicked up from a local court to a federal court, law states that a crime commited with a gun case goes to a federal court. Law also states that if a crime, no matter what crime,if a gun is present on the crime location then after the sentence is given for said crime an extra five years is tacked on because of a gun at the crime location. Be willing to bet if this ever happens it would be because of an governmental employee of our’s was involved in a crime andf not a private citizen.
    Guns can make a whole lot of situations a equal playing field. Large man against small woman. Large group against individual or much smaller group. Tyranny against liberty.

  • Betty Westman

    all of the above !

  • Adrian Vance

    The perfect Democrat dies before his 65th birthday, leaves all his money to the government and continues voting in perpetuity, from the grave.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak fine ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • jstarusa

    I f all of us are against this gun ban, how come all the politicians are even thinking about baning guns? Maybe because they know our votes do not count any more? Howcan we be sure of a valid voting? Democrats say they will bus, cheat or whatever it takes to win elections and the Republicans are saying Oh well, what can we do? Excuse me? Better do something to get the confidence back in fair and accurate voting or there will be no need for the two party system. I do agree with Nancy though, and hope voting will be enough threat to change their minds. Unless of course they know something we dont!

  • marineh2ominer

    They do NOT want to take or control your guns , they are all about controlling YOU . The correct term for their goal is ” PEOPLE CONTROL ” . Don’t forget that .

  • foxxybey

    marineh2ominer, your right about People Control, it has been the plan all along, also life and death control, babies sacrificed on their altar by the millions and the elderly that will die under obozo-care, everyone of them little hitlers, stalins, maos and pol pots, people control and life control is their plan. Semper Fi and God Bless:

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