LISTEN UP SNOWFLAKES! Leading Candidate To Replace Mike Flynn Is a Former Navy SEAL

The leading candidate to replace Michael Flynn is retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward. When Trump’s first picks don’t work out, he comes back with someone better. The Liberals will not be too happy about this but what do you think? Sounds pretty good to us!


From the Washington Examiner:

Harward enlisted in the Navy out of high school, got a fleet appointment to Annapolis, rose through the ranks to become a Navy SEAL, and ultimately became that community’s top commander. He retired in 2013 after serving as the three-star deputy to then-Gen. Jim Mattis at U.S. Central Command, who is now the defense secretary.

A source close to Mattis told the Washington Examiner that Harward was already being considered to be undersecretary of defense for intelligence, confirming the view that Mattis is likely leaning toward the retired SEAL…

And having graduated from Tehran American High School in Iran, Harward speaks Farsi as well. His varied career, stellar military record and close friendship with Mattis, all combine to make Harward an unusually strong candidate.

Harward could prove to be a much better candidate than Michael Flynn which would be disastrous for the left who just spent weeks trying to get Flynn removed.


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