Little Girl and Her Puppet STUN America’s Got Talent Judges in Most AMAZING Act

One little girl and her puppet stole the show during America’s Got Talent audition portion.

In a truly incredible act, Darci Lynne Farmer stepped onstage holding her rabbit puppet.

You can sense Darci was nervous and who wouldn’t be?

The show is a huge opportunity for anyone, but especially for a 12yr-old girl trying to fulfill her dreams.

So what stunned the judges about Darci and her rabbit?

She completely sang a song with her mouth clenched!

Darci, with a closed mouth, sings better the half of America belting away, mouths fully open.

She made such an impression on the judges that they gave her a standing ovation and a ticket straight to the live auditions!

This should bring tears of joy to your eyes.

It is so amazing to see a young person reach for their dream and accomplish one-big-step closer towards it.

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